Metal Foundries

In every country of the world foundries and the metal casting services they provide are of the utmost importance, both for the development of a country and for the economic and environmental condition of a country. Casting metal is the back bone of industry in any country. Without the expertise and technology of casting metal we would be in a completely different world today.

Foundries produce metal castings, by heating the metal to its melting point then pouring the metal into a mould which they have created, allowing the metal to be formed into many different shapes of many different sizes. This is not the end of the procedure, there are many different steps in the casting of metal, depending on the different metals there may be more or less steps. For example the casting of aluminium alloys the amount of hydrogen needs to be decreased to avoid porous results. With these many steps the employment power of foundries is good for the country.

Foundries are the biggest users of scrap metal. Recycling this scrap by fashioning it into different parts for everything you can think of, from cars to buildings and everything in between. These items that are created through heating metal and using casting moulds need to be of the highest standard for the safety of the end users of the product. In order to have the highest quality product, the highest quality equipment needs to be used. A further benefit of foundries using the correct and up to date equipment is the fact that the impact on the environment is minimised.

The casting of metal is incredibly widely used. It can be an incredibly dangerous procedure though given that metal is heated to its melting point and then handled and poured into moulds and cooled. The technical knowledge it takes to not only handle this metal safely but also the correct methods needed for different metals is astonishing. Foundries specialise in this knowledge and have different departments that are skilled and trained in the various steps to creating the highest quality moulded metal, safely and efficiently.